SMSGadget Bulk SMS Sender

SMSGadget Bulk SMS Sender 1.2

SMSGadget is a bulk SMS text messaging software to send marketing & advertising SMS messages to customers

SMSGadget is a bulk SMS text messaging software to send marketing & advertising SMS messages to customers

To promote your product, you need to send SMS in bulk. With SMSGadget you can send thousands of SMS with a single click. SMSGadget has unique features such as unlimited groups creation, unlimited contacts, and import, export facility.

With SMSGadget (Bulk SMS Sender), you can send messages like special offers, promotion, and reminder time to time.

There is no huge investment and hidden cost in using SMSGadget. Just use your existing computer and mobile phone, with connection options of USB data cable, bluetooth or infra red or GSM modem.

Feature List:

Intuitive and modern look and feel, with ease of use.

Auto detects all available COM ports in computer system and automatically finds out the attached/connected GSM based phones or GSM Modem.

Compatible with USB or Bluetooth GSM technology based mobile devices.

SMS composer with Long SMS, Flash SMS and custom field support and SMS can be Send in different languages.

Skip duplicate phone number entries.

Sends standard SMS or notifications as per your need.

Three Custom fields for each contact to generate unique SMS for every contact.

Send SMS to individuals or list of phone numbers.

Import contact list or content from text, CSV or Excel file saved on PC.

Export contacts in txt and CSV format.

Easiest way to Load Recipient Phone Number.

Option to skip duplicate number entries.

Save sent items for future reference.

Advance delayed delivery option while sending SMS.

Save send items for future reference.

You can create project files and opened later for different "Marketing Campaigns". Each project consists of information about devices, contacts, inbox, outbox and sent items.

SMSGadget Bulk SMS Sender


SMSGadget Bulk SMS Sender 1.2

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  • zahid malik1071216814

    by zahid malik1071216814

    "not useful at all"

    rubbish and useless, all i can say is do not download it. giving you something else in the name of bulk sms sender. More.

    reviewed on February 15, 2017